Card Challenge: Anything Christmas


December the first and still no snow. I have to say that it feels a bit strange. Last year this date we had so much snow we could have drowned in it. This year we have seen it twice, just to se it melt the day after.

Well, I guess we will have snow this winter to, just that it will be a bit late. Hopefully we will have some for Christmas at least. 😀

Stamptacular has a nice challenge this week, ANYTHING Christmas!! Of course I have to put in my simple Christmas card!

The sentiment say: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I added some glitter glue and half pearls.

Stamp: Vilda Stamps, it’s so incredible nice, especially for me that only stamp very simple stamps. I never ever colour my stamps. I don’t like it and I’m sertenly not good at it. it more looks like a three year old one has done it. 😉
Black lace and some bling.

Dont you just love the Clean and Simple style?  😛

That’s all from me today!
Have a nice day!

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